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Dani’s historical romance novel,
On Butterfly Wings,
released on March 9, 2021.

The romantic comedy series, called Tee For Two, is available as well as the endearing historical romance novel, On Butterfly Wings.

Get your FREE copy of Love On The Fairway today. Or view the entire Tee For Two series.

All Dani’s Books Available Now

Tee For Two Series (5 books total)
Historical Romance Novel & Benefit Concert

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About Author Dani Love

When she’s not authoring books, Dani is enjoying time with her significant other and their two dogs. Her inspiration comes from her two daughters and two step children.

She has an undergrad degree in Business Marketing and graduate level certificates in Nonprofit Management and Fund Development. Read more…

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Author Websites and Reader Experience

Readers come to your AUTHOR website looking for information about your book(s). Isn’t it your job to give them the best experience possible?

Well here’s how… With book previews from Amazon KDP.

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