Dani’s Launch Team

Be A Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

I’ve decided to write a new romance book, On Butterfly Wings, and need your assistance if you’re willing and able. Why? Because I’m building a Launch Team and excited for you to be involved. 

The beautiful love story is scheduled to release on Valentine’s Day, 2/14/2021.

On Butterfly Wings is set in the midwest, with Claire and her elderly mother, Helen. These three things we know:

  1. Helen sadly passes away from her long battle with cancer
  2. Claire, upon cleaning out her mother and father’s house, discovers a secret diary buried inside a chest in her mother’s bedroom
  3. What Claire finds out is both endearing and intriguing

But where will her adventures take her? And who will she end up meeting?

A large portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Tim Tebow Foundation.

A few of the benefits of joining the Launch Team are:

  • Receiving a complimentary copy of On Butterfly Wings
  • Your name included in the “Acknowledgments” part of the book
  • Each team member will receive a $300 Hotel Savings Card
  • One lucky member will receive a complimentary vacation

If you’d like to be involved with the Launch Team then please answer a few short questions. You can submit them by using our contact form. Please type in the subject line, “Launch Team Application”.

  1. Why are you interested in supporting the launch of On Butterfly Wings? What about the book resonates with you?
  2. What are some specialized skills or characteristics you have that you want to contribute to this book launch? For example, do you know someone who designs t-shirts, has a radio station contact or someone who would perform a benefit concert? (Those are just examples)
  3. What is your time commitment to this? A BIG TIME commitment isn’t needed. Please remember that but there will be some. 🙂

Please name some influential people you can reach out to that you think will be interested in On Butterfly Wings. Also, please be sure to give a little background info about them and why you think they’d be interested in this love story.

We look forward to receiving your reply to this email if this is of any interest to you. We, obviously, can’t select everyone so please only apply if you’re seriously interested and can commit to a couple of hours per week.

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