Winners Announced

The winners of the December 2020 Author Dani Love 21 Day Reading Challenge are:

  • Level 1 prize winner is Diane Westcott
  • Level 2 prize winner is Keren Burdick
  • Level 3 prize winner is Paula Mason
  • Level 4 prize winner is Michele Richardson

And the three Grand Prize winners of the Complimentary Vacation are…

  • Donise Cinnamon
  • Cassandra Lester
  • Regina Guel

Congratulations to the winners. Please contact us in order to claim your prize.

Please let us know, in the comments below, if you enjoyed this giveaway and would recommend it to others. If there’s interest going forward then we can host one every three months or every six.

Thanks to everyone for taking part in the December 2020 Author Dani Love 21 Day Reading Challenge, sponsored by Instant Authority, AJ PhotographyKrafty Boutique and Stellar Publishing Group. Hopefully everyone enjoyed it.

If you did then please leave a comment below and/or follow Author Dani Love on Facebook. This will let us know you’d like to see more of these challenges. 

We look forward to seeing you in the next Reading Challenge or Book Promotion. That’s when you’ll have another chance to win more awesome prizes.

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