Utilizing Complimentary Vacations

In Your Marketing Strategy for Your Author Business

Or Actually Any Business

It’s vitally important to enhance your website visitors’/future client’s experience. There are many ways to do just that. Being an author is no different.

In fact, since your main goal is likely to be a bestseller or at least increase sales, using varied marketing methods should be at the top of your list. Offering complimentary vacations is unique and creates a win, win for everyone. How so?

Learn How To Boost Sales by 60% or More

And Turn Buyers Into Loyal Fans With Incentive Based Marketing

People do business with those they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. It’s part of the “give, give, give then ask” philosophy Gary Vaynerchuk coined. What better way then to offer a follower a 4 day/3 night complimentary vacation to Vegas (or one of more than 125 destinations)?

Want to see a real-life example? In my author business, I host a 21 Day Reading Challenge every 3 months. As part of the prizes that are offered, complimentary vacations are included as the grand prizes.

Run A Giveaway

As an author, you really need to have a competitive advantage. There are SO MANY authors out there that you have to distinguish yourself from the rest. What better way to do just that than this?

What other methods could you use to distinguish yourself? Offer a vacation with a purchase. For example, if your readers purchase a boxed set or audio version of your book then they receive a complimentary vacation. Or run a contest (similar to the reading challenge mentioned above) and offer a holiday as a prize. The ideas are endless.

Your products or services become irresistible when your clients see themselves on a beach in Mexico, a ride at Disney World or a poker table or show in Vegas. Now it’s your chance to put them there.

Imagine how much your prospects will begin to feel and view you. You won’t be just another person trying to make a sale. 🙂

But remember, you can offer vacation incentives for almost any type of business. This is not just authors. It’s ideal for business owners, sales managers, marketing managers, marketers and even affiliate marketers.

Imagine how your website visitors/clients (both existing and new) will feel if you offer them a little R&R for a week. Some of the destinations are offered for up to 8 days and 7 nights, depending on the resort location selected.

Your clients are likely to stick around longer if you continue to offer value. I argue there’s no better way than to offer vacation incentives.

But hurry, this is a LIMITED TIME offer. Try the 7 Day Free Trial and make sure it’s right for your business.

When you do sign up, contact me. We can discuss different marketing strategies for your business and how to implement vacation incentives without increasing your advertising budget.

And I almost forgot to mention. You can, and are actually encouraged to, use a vacation for yourself. This way you’ll have firsthand knowledge of what your clients will experience.

Until next time,

Published by Author Dani Love

When she's not authoring books, Dani is enjoying time with her significant other and their two dogs. Her inspiration comes from her two daughters and two step-children. She has an undergraduate degree in Business Marketing from Northern Arizona University and graduate level certificates in Nonprofit Management and Fund Development from the University of Colorado. Being a long time resident of Colorado, she enjoys the outdoors (camping and, of course, golf) as well as reading, traveling and exploring new places.

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