Be A Part Of Something Bigger Than Yourself

Charity Work With the Christmas season upon us, the spirit of giving should be in full swing. The idea of doing something bigger than yourself should be on your list, not just now but throughout the year. Why? I believe it’s what we’re called to do. That is, be of service to others. No matterContinue reading “Be A Part Of Something Bigger Than Yourself”

Building A List Of Raving Fans

One of the best marketing ideas you can apply to your author business is establishing and maintaining a list of readers. You can then turn those readers into raving fans. But the question is, “how exactly is that accomplished?” In this article we’re going to discuss, in detail and step-by-step, exactly how to do justContinue reading “Building A List Of Raving Fans”

Who Is Author Dani Love

Dani Love is a pen name used by author and self-publisher David Allery. Therefore, everything discussed in this blog are ideas of David’s and/or adopted, in part or entirely, by someone else. In the latter case, all citations will be credited to the original party. The topics of this blog will be, primarily, aimed atContinue reading “Who Is Author Dani Love”